This is a complete Health Insurance Plan which is specially designed for all Mobilink Microfinance Bank Loan Customers and their Dependents (if opted by loan customer). This exclusively designed Plan not only provides health insurance facilities to the Customer and Dependent (Covered with TPL LIFE) but also provide following:

  • Pre existing Condition will be covered
  • Day Care Accidental Surgeries only
  • Pre and Post hospitalization benefits
  • Loss of Income of Earning Member due to Hospitalization
  • Burial Charges in case of Death during Hospitalization
  • Cashless facility from Panel Hospitals
  • Reimbursement Facility (in case of treatment from Non-Panel Hospital)
  • 24/7 Emergency Helpline & Approval Centre


  • Covered as from age: 18-64
  • Covered Maximum age:65 years
  • Covered Dependent entry age:1 year
  • Covered Dependent max age:25 years
  • Premium of Loan customer:Covered (bourne by the bank)
  • Premium for borrower:Free
  • Premium of the dependent:Rs.400/-per dependent

Features of the Product

The following are the key features of the product:

  • Inpatient Hospitalization Treatment, Accommodation & Services (In General Ward)
  • Surgeon & Doctor’s Consultation Charges
  • Operation Theatre
  • CCU / ICU Charges
  • Ventilators and Allied Services Charges
  • Accidental and Emergency Room Services Charges
  • Anaesthetist Charges
  • Medications Charges (Prescribed by treating physician during hospitalization stay)
  • Blood & Oxygen Supplies Charges (during hospitalization stay)
  • Diagnostic, CT Scan, MRI Charges (during hospitalization stay)
  • Laboratory Services (during hospitalization stay)
  • In case of Emergency Treatment on a Non Panel Hospital, the Claim will be settled on Reimbursement basis and No Co-Payment will apply.

Product Exclusions:

The following illness or conditions are NOT COVERED in this product:

  • Day care treatment (non-surgical procedures and related treatment).
  • Pregnancy (Normal Delivery) and related complications thereof, childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and/or any related pre-natal or post-natal care.
  • Tests or treatment related to infertility, contraception, sterilization, sexual dysfunction, birth defects, congenital illnesses, hereditary conditions.
  • Optical, cataract, dental treatment, chronic renal failure, dialysis.
  • Costs related to cornea, bone marrow, muscular, skeletal or human organ or tissue transplant from a donor to recipient and all expenses directly or indirectly related to organ transplantation.
  • Treatment of mental illness, psychiatric disorders, self-inflicted injury, suicide, abused of alcohol, drug addiction or abuse, and sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS/HIV, elective cosmetic surgery.
  • Hospital in-patient treatment for conditions for which, in the opinion of TPL Life’s doctor, can be properly treated as an outpatient or day-care as per normal hospital practice.
  • Any treatment which is not reasonable, necessary and customary
  • Any Out Patient treatment, (OPD) vaccinations.
  • Active Terrorism & War.


  • This plan is specially designed by TPL Life Insurance Limited only for the Customers and the dependents of Mobilink Bank Customers.
  • TPL Life Insurance is only liable to facilitate Insured Persons only.
  • TPL Life Insurance Company is registered with and provide Insurance on the guidelines provided by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).
  • Mobilink Microfinance Bank is only working in the capacity of a distributor.

For further information about the coverage and exclusions, please contact your Mobilink Microfinance Branch or TPL Life Insurance at (021) 111-000-330 or

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