Product Description

The Assan Remittance Current Account is targeted at common people and is open to all low income unbanked/under-banked masses who face difficulties in account opening due to normal account opening requirements or lesser means. These segments of society may include but are not limited to skilled/unskilled work force, farmers, less educated/uneducated people, laborers/daily wagers, women/housewives, self-employed individuals, pensioners, young adult population etc.

  • Cash Withdrawl Limit per Day
    Rs. 50,000
  • Funds Transfer to any Other Account
    Rs. 50,000

  • Maximum Credit Balance Limit
    Rs. 2,000,000

These accounts shall be opened without any initial deposit. However; there shall be no minimum balance requirement on these accounts. No service charges are applicable at the time of opening and closing of an account.




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