Product Description

Bachat Account is tailored for those individuals / businessmen who regularly need money to supplement their income i.e. each month. Interest earned on your deposit becomes another source of income with opportunity to deposit / withdrawal the funds at any time.

Product Features

  • NO account opening charges.
  • Account can be opened with Rs.100/- only.
  • No minimum Balance required.
  • Profit paid on monthly basis.

Tiers (PKR)

R.s 5,000 & Above

Indicative Rate of Profit

As per SOBC

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Products & Services

Whether you have small business, repaying your loans or sharing the gift of life. We take care of all!..
چاہے آپ کے پاس چھوٹے کاروبار ہیں، اپنے قرضے کی ادائیگی یا اشتراک کرنا زندگی کا تحفہ ہو. ہم سب کی دیکھ بھال کرتے ہیں ..