Branchless banking is delivery of financial services without relying on branch network. It can be used by everyone, regardless of how much money they have in their bank accounts. In order to use these services, it is not mandatory to open a bank account! Click here

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JazzCash launched a promotion campaign in December 2019. Due to overwhelming public participation, some eligible customers may have experienced a delay in receiving their rewards. We appreciate their patience and assure them that JazzCash is working diligently to process the rewards by February 12, 2020.


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Whether you have small business, repaying your loans or sharing the gift of life. We take care of all!..
چاہے آپ کے پاس چھوٹے کاروبار ہیں، اپنے قرضے کی ادائیگی یا اشتراک کرنا زندگی کا تحفہ ہو. ہم سب کی دیکھ بھال کرتے ہیں ..