Product Description

Individuals and Entrepreneurs, who are self-employed, providing services or doing business and wish to own a new or used (up to maximum 03 years old vehicle) local or imported commercial vehicle for business use as well as for rental income generating activities. 

Loan Amount

  • Minimum Rs. 50,000/-
  • Maximum Rs.1,000,000/-

Loan Tenure

From 01 year to 07 Years

Basic Documentations

  • Copy of valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) or Smart CNIC
  • 1 recent passport size photograph of the Customer
  • Copy of Valid Driving License of Customer
  • 2 references with their CNIC copies and Contact details
  • Quotations from 03 reputable dealers of the locality for used/imported vehicle.
  • Price List of Manufacturer of Vehicle
  • Proof of Business/Undertaking for running business for self-employed persons
  • A copy of latest paid utility bill of business place or residence.
  • 6 months’ personal account statement in case of self-employed/services or any other proof of business transactions (if available).


The microenterprises loan is offered against following securities:

  • Hire Purchase over the leased Vehicle duly insured with Tracker
  • Post Dated Cheques
Product Name Down Payment New Markup Rate
Commercial Vehicle Loan 0% 21.46%
5% 19%
10% 17%
15% 15%
20% 14%
30% & Above 13%

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