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Product Description

The Aasaan Remittance Account is specifically designed for home remittance senders and recipients, offering them a reliable alternative to traditional cash transactions or informal money transfers like Hawala Hundi. This service caters to a diverse range of individuals, including skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, those with limited education, laborers, homemakers, self-employed individuals, retirees, and young adults.

Cash Withdrawal

Cash Withdrawal Limit per Day Rs. 500,000

Funds Transfer

Funds Transfer to any Other Account Rs. 500,000

Credit Balance Limit

Maximum Credit Balance Limit Rs. 3,000,000

These accounts shall be opened without any initial deposit. However; there shall be no minimum balance requirement on these accounts. No service charges are applicable at the time of opening and closing of an account.

  • Eligible for local credit transactions through branch and digital channels, including cash deposits, pay orders, cheque deposits, IBFT, etc., up to a maximum of PKR 1,000,000 per month.
  • Beneficiaries of home remittances can open this account in single or joint capacity.

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