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Pakistan's economy is heavily dependent on agriculture, which is regarded as the foundation of the nation's economy.  Similar to this, agriculture is essential to the survival of those who live in rural areas. This industry meets the public's demand for food while also supplying raw materials to other sectors. The contribution of Pakistan's agriculture industry to GDP is 22.7%, while 37.4% of labor force is associated with farming profession which include Agri and livestock businesses. 

However, there is a discrepancy between the acquired and actual output of production because of inadequate information regarding insects, weather alerts, a lack of proper equipment, and the timely application of fertilizers with proper soil testing is among other factors.

Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited knows the dire need of helping farmers and livestock owners to increase the quality farming and dairy production. Further, it brought changes into the farmer’s socioeconomic status that ultimately helps the country’s food security.

In collaboration with Bakhabar Kissaan (BKK) Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) launched an advisory service DOST Kissaan via IVR Calls, SMS & VMS for farmers & livestock owners. Through this advisory service they will get advisory for crops, livestock, weather, seed rates, early warning/disaster alerts, 24/7 helpline, soil testing facility and much more which definitely ensure the better farming and livestock experiences. Farmers & livestock owners can easily subscribe to DOST Kissaan service after receiving an IVR call or users will receive an SMS from 8494, all users who respond with valid response, will be subscribed to the selected service.


Q#1: Who can avail DOST Kissaan service?

A: All Agri and livestock customers of MMBL are eligible for this service.

Q#2: What are the plans for DOST Kissaan service?

A: There are two plans for DOST Kissaan service

  • Standard plan
  • Premium plan

Q#: What are the charges for DOST Kissaan plans?















* All quoted prices are without/exclusive of any applicable taxes


Q#4: What is the basic difference between DOST Kissaan standard and premium services?

A: Below are the on field and remote services can be availed by MMBL farmers according to the selected plan






SMS: Weather Advisory

Weekly (up to 2 SMS)

SMS: Crop Advisory

Weekly (Per Crop)

SMS: Livestock Advisory

Weekly (Per Livestock)

SMS: Early Warnings/Disaster Alerts

Monthly (As/when req.)

VMS/OBD: Crop Advisory

Weekly (Per Crop)

VMS/OBD: Livestock Advisory

Weekly (Per Livestock)

VMS/OBD: Early Warnings/Disaster Alerts

Monthly (As/when req.)

IVR Advisory

24 x 7

Call Center

Business Day/Hours


Deputation of Field agents (District wise)

  • Once in cropping cycle
  • On request when req.

Mobile Application

24 x 7

Digital Channels (YouTube, Facebook)

24 x 7


Q#5: How user can unsubscribe the services?

A: The user can also unsubscribe the services by sending an SMS “Unsub” to 8494.  For (IVR, SMS &VMS) Users who are subscribed to the service for a specific duration, will not get a reversal of charges if un-subscription is done before termination of the term

Q#6: What is DOST Kissaan complaint process

A: Customer may register his complaint

• MMBL Helpline No: 051-111-962-962 or WhatsApp: 051-111-962-962. For any concern/disputes please raise your concerns

• Bakhabar Kissaan Helpline No: 0303-0300000

• By visiting MMBL Branch

Q#7: How the reversal process for DOST Kissaan is going to work?

A: If customer isn’t convinced & asked for the complaint CSE will verify the customer mention the remarks & forward the complaint with a TAT communicated to customer for 3 -7 working days for resolution.

 BKK QA will investigate the call & if complaint is justified then follow the reversal process as already agreed & arrange a call back to intimate the customer for complaint status.  If complaint is invalid, call the customer, apologize for reversal & guide him accordingly.

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