Product Description

The people who want to buy a new house, construct a new house, want to have extra construction on their existing house or want to renovate their house can apply for House loan

Age limit

25-58 Years

Loan Amount

Rs. 100,000/- to Rs. 3,000,000/-

Loan Tenure

Up to 20 years

Basic Documentations

  • Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • eCIB and NADRA Verisys
  • 1 recent passport size photographs of the Customer
  • Proof of running business place & ownership
  • A copy of latest paid utility bill of business place or residence.
  • Two references with their relations with the applicant, addresses and contact numbers
  • Proof of the property to be mortgaged/property documents.
  • Legal Opinion
  • Memorandum of title deed
  • Salary Slip, Job Certificate on letter head in case of salaried person
  • Bank Statement for last six months in case of self-employed professionals. In case of business man its optional.


  • Token registered mortgage in Mobilink Bank favor on amount exceeds Rs. 500,000/-
  • Memorandum of deposit of title deed
  • Postdated security cheques in Mobilink Bank favor in terms of RPS
  • Life Insurance Policy.
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