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This is a flexible premium unitized investment linked assurance plan that gives the Client access to professionally managed Unit Linked Funds with the benefit of life insurance cover packaged in. 

Product Description

Waseela-E-Zindagi ensures that your family and loved ones are protected and cares for even in case of your demise.

Eligibility Criteria

Age between 18 to 70 years.

Free look Period

The plan offers free look period of 14 days in which you can cancel your policy by contacting Adamjee and get your premium.


The minimum policy term is 10 years and maximum policy term is 25 Years or up to age of 85 whichever comes first. 

Minimum Premium 8,000/-
Premium Mode Monthly/Quarterly/Semiannually/Annually

1st Year 50%
2nd Year 70%
3rd Year 100%

10th Year 30%
15th Year 25%
20th Year 30%

  • Critical Illness Rider
  • Accidental Death & Disability Rider
  • Spouse Protection Rider
  • Monthly Income Benefit Rider
  • Level Term Insurance Rider
  • Waiver of Premium Rider (Death)
  • Waiver of Premium Rider (Disability)

Choice of Insurance Coverage

  • Protection Benefit
  • Plan Maturity Benefit
  • Partial Withdrawal
  • Ad-hoc Premium
  • Death Claim Value
  • Maturity Value
  • Surrender Value
  • Paid Up Value

  • Investment Secure
  • Investment Multiplier
  • Amaanat Fund
  • Managed Growth Fund


Terms & conditions Apply. 

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