DOST- Powered By MMBL is a digital banking application that offers simple, convenient, and secure access to Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) accounts and a diverse portfolio of products and services.

Dost hosts a wide array of features, which are available to MMBL customers 24/7. It offers real-time access to all your account information. Key features include:   

  • Login/Self-Registration (Account-Based)
  • Link/Delink Account.
  • Account Summary
  • Account Statement
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Demographics Update
  • Money Transfer To MMBL
  • Money Transfer Other Bank Accounts
  • Utility Bill Payment
  • Mobile Top-up
  • Purchasing
  • Favorites Management
  • Request for Instrument
  • Block Cheque (Single, Series)
  • Loan Summary
  • Debit Card Management
  • PIN Changing
  • Temporary Card Blocking
  • Card Unblocking
  • Permanent Card Blocking
  • Complaint Registration
  • Branch & ATM Locator
  • Password Changing/Reset

Download the application today to start your digital banking journey with us.    

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Products & Services

Whether you have small business, repaying your loans or sharing the gift of life. We take care of all!..
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