JazzCash International Remittance

JazzCash International remittance is a joint collaboration between JazzCash and Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited, which provide you the innovative, easy and free Home Remittance services in Pakistan. Now you can receive your remittances within a minute from abroad.

Product Features:

Secure and Reliable:

With JazzCash International Remittance Service; you can receive money directly in your JazzCash Mobile Account in real-time.

Instant and Convenient:

JazzCash allows you to receive international remittance in your JazzCash Mobile Account instantly. You can either opt to cash-out money from your JazzCash Mobile Account or use your balance for a wide array of services provided by JazzCash, including money transfer, bill payments, mobile load, online payments or loan repayments.

Ease of Cash out:

Cash-out can be done from 70,000+ JazzCash agents present across Pakistan anytime throughout the day, without having to stand in long queues. You can also use ATM cards for withdrawal.

Our Services

  • Credit to Bank Account
  • Credit to Mobile Account
  • Credit to Other Bank’s Account
  • Cash Over the Counter
  • Cash to Jazz Mobile Wallet account *

*Beneficiary can receive their cash over the counter payment into their Jazz wallet account requesting through a call on Helpline (4444 OR 111-124-444) after providing their KYC details.

Not a JazzCash Mobile Account Customer?

  • Jazz subscribers can dial *786# from their biometric verified Jazz number to instantly register JazzCash Mobile Account.
  • Other network subscribers can register JazzCash Mobile Account by downloading JazzCash App or visit nearest Jazz Experience Center or Jazz Point.

Pakistan Remittance Initiative

In order to provide an ownership structure in Pakistan for remittance facilitation, State Bank of Pakistan, Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis, and Ministry of Finance launched a joint initiative called Pakistan Remittance Initiative (PRI). This initiative shall take all necessary steps and actions to enhance the flow of remittances.

The initiative has been taken to achieve the objective of:

  • Facilitating, Supporting, Faster, Cheaper, Convenient & Efficient flow of remittance
  • To create investment opportunities in Pakistan for overseas Pakistanis

History: at below link

PRI website: http://www.pri.gov.pk/

For any query write to us at:  Home.Remittance@mobilinkbank.com

Or dial 051-111-962-962

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