Mera Tahaffuz Term Deposit

Eligibility Criteria

Specially designed the product to empower Senior Citizens/ Junior/ Widow/ Disables and Pensioners to open and operate the Bank account transaction with highest level of services provided by the Bank to their fullest satisfaction with healthy return.

Product Features

  • Minimum investment of Rs-5,000/-. 
  • Term Deposit Account for Senior Citizens/ Junior (Minor)/ Widow/ Disabled and Pensioners of less than 18 and Above 55 Years.
  • Unlimited deposits.
  • All other conditions including Zakat & Taxes for saving Account are applicable.
  • Term Deposit may be fixed for 12 Months, 24 Months and 36 Months.
  • No penalty for premature payment will be levied in case of premature payment of deposits.
  • Profit payment is subject to tax deduction.

Note: * In case of pre-mature encashment of instrument, rate of previous term completed will be applicable.

Mera Tahafuzz TDR
Account Holder Type Tenor
Senior/Junior/Widow/Penionsers/Disables   12 Months 24 Months 36 Months
Proposed TDR rate on Monthly basis*   7.75% 8.00% 8.25%
Proposed TDR rate on Maturity basis*   8.75% 9.00% 9.25%

* Rates are subject to change as per Banks policy

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