Product Description

Entrepreneur involved in Trade, Production, manufacturing, services, agriculture or livestock raising with specific category of business.

Loan Amount

  • Minimum Rs.350,001/-
  • Maximum Rs.3,000,000/-

Loan Tenure

Up to one year in case of finance for Working Capital.
*Up to five years in case of Demand Finance.

Basic Documentations

  • Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)
  • 1 recent passport size photographs of the Customer
  • Proof of running business place & ownership
  • A copy of latest paid utility bill of business place or residence
  • NTN Number / Certificate of the Customer (if available)


The microenterprises loan is offered against any one of the following securities:

  • Gold bullion /Ornaments.
  • *Against legal and /or equitable mortgage of property.
  • *Against lien on Fixed Deposits at the bank.
  • *Against pledge of Government securities like DSC, SSC duly discharged in bank’s favor.
  •  Against Bank’s charge on Agri Pass Book.
  • *Life Insurance Policy.

*Not offered yet.

Product Name Revised Processing Fee* Loan Limits Tenure Annual Markup Rate
Fori Cash Plus Loan 2% of Loan Amount 350,001-500,000 12 Months 23.50%
500,001-3,000,000 22%

* Processing Fee is exclusive of F.E.D.

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