Product Description

Fori Cash Plus Loan is offered against Gold/Gold Ornaments to cater the needs of individuals having ownership of a running business in the following economic sectors:

  • Trade / Production / Manufacturing / Services / Agriculture / Live Stock etc.

Further, Self-employed professionals or Salaried Individuals having verifiable SOI can also avail financing under this product subject to fulfilling other eligibility criteria and documentation.

Loan Amount

  • Minimum Rs.350,001/-
  • Maximum Rs.3,000,000/-

Loan Tenure

12 Months

Business/Job Experience

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience of running business
  • For salaried: 1-year permanent employment status with current employer
  • Self Employed Persons: 1-year

Basic Requirements

  • Copy of Valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC), SNIC.
  • 01 recent passport size photographs of the Customer
  • Proof of running business place & ownership
  • Satisfactory Cash Flow
  • 3 Months Salary Slip duly attested by Employer (in case of Salary Class)
  • 6 Months Bank Statement duly attested by relevant bank
  • Not defaulter of any financial institution.
  • Latest filed Tax Returns if annual income (net of business expenses) exceeds Rs. 600,000/-


  • Gold/Gold Ornaments


As per Latest SOC


*Terms & conditions applicable.

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