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Know Your Rights & Responsibilities
As A Bank's Consumer




Fair Treatment of Customers (FTC) is a shared right and responsibility of both, the banks as well as the consumers.

Following are your rights (in green) and responsibilities (in black) while dealing with your bank.

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Be provided with accurate, clear, comprehensible, elaborate and updated information on your required product/service.

Be timely informed of important changes in terms and conditions of the availed product/service.

Provide accurate and truthful personal and financial information to the bank.

Read and understand all terms and conditions before accepting them, and ask the bank questions, if required.

Provide clear account operating instructions.

Be provided with enough information on offered products/services and facilitated in making informed choices.

Gain sufficient information from your bank and choose the product/service that best suits your need and financial capacity.

Be treated fairly, equitably and in a professional manner.

Be extended special assistance, if you are a senior or disabled citizen.

Comply with the terms and conditions of the availed product/service.

Exhibit civility in your dealings with the bank.

Be empowered and educated to understand banking products/services.

Actively engage in such empowerment initiatives carried out by the bank on their products/services.

Be protected against fraud and unpermitted sharing of information.

Be watchful of your surroundings while banking at ATMs, branches or online and report suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies.

Not share your payment cards or personal and financial information, like; account numbers, PINs, user IDs and passwords with anyone.

Review your account statements regularly and immediately notify the bank in case of any unauthorized transaction and/or stolen card.

Be given accessible complaint resolution mechanisms.

Be informed of grievance lodging forums.

Be redressed in an adequate, affordable, efficient, fair, timely and unbiased manner.

Report complaints as per defined mechanisms.

Observe complaint resolution timelines and hierarchies.

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