Terms & Conditions:


  • In absence of Zakat declaration or incompatibility with Zakat valuation date, Zakat will be levied on the maturity date of deposit /profit.
  • Withdrawal of a term deposit before its established maturity date will attract premature encashment penalty as per Bank’s applicable schedule of charges by way of forfeiture or reduction in the accrued profit, as the case may be, payable on maturity. This penalty will be levied from the principal and/or accrued profit amount thereon.
  • The Bank reserves the irrevocable right to refuse any request for any request for premature encashment of term deposit before its agreed maturity date.
  • The Bank reserves the irrevocable right to refuse execution of any notice/request from the customer for any assignment, transfer or change in favor of a third party by the way of security except in favor of the Bank itself.
  • The accrual of profit on Principal and/or profit after maturity date will be ceased unless specific instructions are placed and accepted by the Bank.
  • These terms & conditions are deemed to be and construed as a part of the terms & conditions in customer’s account opening form agreed between customer and the Bank.
  • In case of rollover all information as per fresh placement form will be applicable if not amended hereby otherwise.
  • Early termination of term deposit will attract a lower than the contracted rate at the Bank’s discretion.
  • One day notice will be required by the Bank for premature encashment of TDR.

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