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Online Collection of Government Taxes and Duties

To follow the SBP Vision 2020 and to develop modern and robust payment systems to improve efficiency, security, cost and customer convenience in payments and settlement transactions, MMBL has developed an Online tax and duties collection via ATMs, Internet Banking and Mobile App. The Government receipts and payments constitute a major part of the country’s payment system which is so far largely dependent on cash and paper based instruments. This not only hurts the system wide efficiency but also cause acute hardship to the tax payers in payment of taxes.


By developing this system, MMBL has modernized the Government receipts and payments and has allowed customers to pay their taxes using Internet Banking accounts and ATMs. It has very easy and user friendly process. Step wise process flow is given below:


Stepwise Process Flow:

The taxpayer will access systems of FBR (IRIS) or Customs (WeBOC) and fill his / her tax payment details to generate PSID (payment slip ID) for onward usage

For tax payment, taxpayer will visit ATM or Internet Banking Portal and inputs his / her PSID generated in step 1 to fetch the tax payment details. After authentication of the payment details of taxpayer or his / her agent as the case may be, confirms the payment of tax.

Accordingly, taxpayer’s account is debited for onward credit to Government Account at SBP BSC Office through 1link system.

As soon as the taxpayer’s account is debited, 1link system will generate a message for WeBoc or IRIS systems that payment against the PSID has been received.

For confirmation, taxpayer may view electronic display of payment confirmation on screen of ATM or Internet Banking Portal; bank may also send SMS to taxpayer.

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