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MMBL's efforts are driven by its core strategic focus towards facilitating financial inclusion through a strong culture of compliance which is essential for maximum efficiency on all functional tiers. The company practices strict adherence to national regulatory principles that are not only contributory to higher companywide productivity but also help cement a positive reputation for the organization in the local and international markets.  

CEO's Message

MMBL's robust compliance team works long and hard to maintain professional integrity and promote ethical practices on all fronts. We operate through a systematic and holistic check-and-balance system that allows our employees and other stakeholders to function mindfully in line with the established compliance framework. 

This focus enables us to maintain our outstanding position in the industry while attracting the best of talent to our cause for complete financial inclusion. We rely on a trust system as well, to help function properly. Suspicious activities and other risks can openly be shared through secure channels to the relevant people for swift and impactful intervention. For us, ethics and compliance is not merely obligatory practice but rather something we consciously strive to maintain and enhance every day. 
All this, and much more is the reason why our customers place their faith in us repeatedly to empower them seamlessly, impactfully, and sustainably through digital financial services. Our commitment to transparency and honesty has been a core catalyst for our remarkable success in the banking and finance industry of Pakistan and it is something we continue to reaffirm through our daily work. 

I encourage you all to once more, review the basic compliance guidelines that have aided us on our upward trajectory thus far. If you see something, please say something. 

Let's charge ahead with truthfulness, collaboration, and integrity. 

Ghazanfar Azzam


Shahid Umar – Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer

Khawaja Faisal Abbas Jaffery – Head Regulatory Compliance

Faisal Akram – Head AML/CFT and FRM

Sardar Azam – Head Ethics and Compliance

You may submit a concern or allegation via speak up channels provided in the reporting section of the business partner code of conduct available on this website.

MMBL does not tolerate any form of retaliation, harassment, or intimidation of any person who has reported a concern in good faith.