MMBL's unconditional commitment towards compliance is integral to our core value of "truthfulness". We believe that a strong ethical culture of compliance leads to an increased efficiency, and positively reflects our commitment towards integrity, which is an important characteristic of any financial institution. Building a strong ethical culture is not only the right thing to do; it also provides a solid reputation for honest and ethical business practices not only helps us recruit and retain top talent but also ensures transparent selection of our external stakeholders and partners.


CEO's Message

Mobilink Microfinance Bank (MMBL) is committed to high ethical standards and expects the same from its Business Partners who are equally committed to ethical behavior as elaborated in our Business Partner Code of Conduct available at following link: All Business Partners acting for and on behalf of MMBL are obliged to adhere to these standards. MMBL works directly with its Business Partners and does not allow use of intermediary, distributor etc. for its financial transactions unless disclosed clearly in the terms of the each respective contract. If you have questions about this process or believe that someone may have violated it, please contact Local Compliance Officer at Failure to report any violation of the above procedure or to provide transparent information related to its beneficial ownership may result in disqualification or failure to onboard the Business Partner.

Compliance Team

عملدرامدی ٹیم

Shahid Umer

Chief Compliance Officer

شاہد عمر

  افسرِ اعلیٰ عملدرامد

Sardar Azam

Head Ethics and Compliance

سردار اعظم

ہیڈ اخلاقیات اور تعمیل

Faisal Abbas Jaffery

Head Regulatory Compliance

فیصل عباس جعفری

  سینئر مینیجر ریگولیٹری عملدرامد

Faisal Akram

Head AML/CFT and FRM

فیصل اکرم

صدر اے ایم ایل/سی ایف ٹی اور ایف آر ایم


Breach Of Conduct


You may submit a concern or allegation via speak up channels provided in the reporting section of business partner code of conduct available on this web site.

MMBL does not tolerate any form of retaliation, harassment, or intimidation of any person who has reported a concern in good faith.


  • The Speak Up Line is not a customer care service; if you would like to report a customer service complaint, please contact Service Quality at: