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The Women Inspirational Network (WIN) initiative

Empowering women through a powerful set of purpose-driven actions

Embracing an equal Pakistan

MMBL understands that a nation cannot progress without its women standing side by side with its men in every sphere of life. For a developing country like Pakistan, where 49% of the population is comprised of females, the economic participation of women is a must to push the wheel of progress.

We understand the need to empower women and we intend to play our part to the maximum effect through fostering financial inclusion of women and enabling them to become successful entrepreneurs and business leaders.


MMBL products made for Women

To facilitate our female borrowers and ease their path to financial inclusion, MMBL aims to design female-centric products to address the specific financing needs of women and enable them to overcome the barriers restricting their access to finances. In tandem with this step, we have a number of inclusive initiatives planned to enable females from rural areas and villages to comfortably visit our branches and engage freely in dialogue and information exchange to improve their financial literacy, in addition to availing financial services.

Collaborating to Inspire

Under WIN, MMBL partners with key stakeholders across different industries to collaborate on projects aimed at upskilling female entrepreneurs by arranging training workshops, financial and digital literacy programs, and targeted awareness campaigns. We also regularly engage with government intermediaries and state regulators in policy dialogues and actively participate in any government-led initiatives for women empowerment.


Highlighting our Customer Wins

The success stories of our female borrowers are highlighted across all our media platforms to encourage other women to become financially empowered as well and realize their dreams.

Starting at the workplace

Our gender-inclusive HR policy was created within the company to help our female workers maximize their job satisfaction and reach their full professional potential. Mobi-Circle is an exclusive forum for MMBL's female employees to explore and resolve workplace opportunities and challenges, as well as to facilitate cross-functional learning, promote networking opportunities, provide mentoring, and foster capacity growth.

MMBL is a proud champion for women in the workplace and beyond!